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Not So Cheerful For Once (Lukas and Rosetta)


What happened next occurred so quickly, Lukas barely had any time to react to the angry whirlwind that exited the building nearby. Ah, Rosetta…he should have known seeing something like that would infuriate her.

"Well hello to you too," he said, a faint sound of amusement in his voice. Mostly at how mad she looked, though. In truth, he actually felt bad about it, not to mention somewhat embarrassed.

He decided his usual tendency to tease her wouldn’t work in this situation. He knew what he should say, but he was kind of afraid to…it would be taking down a barrier, after all. The appearance of being cheerful and carefree was something he always worked hard to keep up.

"Yeah…you’re right. Sorry. And thanks for doing that…if you hadn’t, I may have started up habit that for real again." He glanced over at her, noticing that she wasn’t wearing a coat. She must have started running when she saw him potentially sullying the image of her business. "By the way…aren’t you cold?"

"Started up again? Geez, Lukas, didn’t you get the memo that smoking is actually bad for you? It’s not worth the health risks and all the problems you’ll encounter later in life." She huffed, obviously still furious but also slightly concerned, maybe there was something wrong, a problem or something, that caused this behavior in the first place. It wasn’t really her place to say or press, but la de da. Christmas spirit and all that.

"Of course I’m cold, but this was more important to me than remembering my coat." She turned around and walked back to the door, still not quite satisfied that he wouldn’t just go back to whatever it was that was causing the bad choices in her opinion.

"I know it’s closing time, but you could still come in if you want to. If you need someone to talk to. Just don’t get in my way." Satisfied now, she walked back into the store and went to find her night inventory sheets.

berrydolphindreams sent: Merry Christmas... Miss Rosetta..

Merry Christmas to you too, Tori. Hope it was a great day for you, did you spend time with your family?

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Thank you, Mist! Merry Christmas to you too! Did you have a good day?

Not So Cheerful For Once (Lukas and Rosetta)


Lukas was never the kind of person who could sit still for too long. Especially if the place where he happened to be sitting was a small room at an inn, in a town where he knew only a handful of people. He sighed, glancing out of his window, and as he had suspected, it was getting dark out. If he wanted to take a walk, now might be the best time to do it.

He got off the bed, where he had been seated, and stretched his arms as he stood up. He sighed, glancing out the window again. It was undoubtedly going to be cold outside. And even though he never said it aloud, he hated this time of the year.

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Sighing, Rosetta stretched while she was organizing the shelves again. It was probably the third time in as many hours that she was moving things and trying to make them stand out more, but it was dull and she wanted to keep busy. The idea of Christmas right around the corner, and that it would be the first time in a very long time that she didn’t spend the holidays with her father, made her anxious.

She took a drink of some hot tea she had made and looked towards the front of the store. It was almost closing time, and the snow outside was pretty. It made her think about how lonely this Christmas was going to be, and maybe she should call her father and see how he was doing. Maybe. She was about to reach for the phone when something caught her eye in the front window. A familiar person was standing outside the window, and it took her a few moments to realize what he was doing. Once she registered that yes, he was smoking, a flash of anger rushed through her and she ran outside, not even caring about a coat at that moment.

"What do you think you’re doing!" She ran up to him and grabbed the cigarette, putting it out in the snow. "You can’t just start smoking in front of my store, what do you think the customers will think! Go stand somewhere else, but don’t you dare start that behavior around my store!"



theroseofmay said: 

You’re welcome, and it isn’t very hard to guess, you always seem to want a turnip. Or ten. I’ve been doing great, keeping busy. How have you been doing?

My, you’ve seen straight through me, Rosetta! I suppose I should expect no less from you. I’ve been well. I can’t grow flowers in winter, but Torte looks lonely in the pond, so sometimes I’ll step out just to let him know I’m still here. How about you?

You’re not that hard to figure out, just a lotta bit interesting. /grins/ That’s really good to hear. It always seems to be a shame that not a whole lot grows in winter, but at the same time, it makes you appreciate the coming of spring a lot more. 


sorry i’ve been MIA for a few days, i’ve been being worked to the bone since i was elected the planner for the holiday party at work, which was tonight, and was awesome, and i’ll be back and stuff tomorrow :3

Free Food? (Pete/Rosetta)



*watches him reading the flyer upside down and narrows her eyes*

Pretty? You remind me of someone I know.

Free food? Well I hadn’t really thought about that but I suppose it’s something to consider for the grand opening special I was going to have, so maybe there will be. If that’s what it takes to attract more customers.

*Caught by surprise from her comment* I do? I-I mean, of course I do! I’m probably, uh, the guy of your dreams after all!

Great! *Grins, though his stomach starts growling; he laughs nervously* Heh… Do you have any free food on you right now?

*stares at him, straight faced only smiling very slightly to the guy of her dreams comment*

Food? I have a few strawberries if you need something to eat. It’s irresponsible for farmers to work without any sort of food or nourishment. You should pay more attention to yourself.

I shouldn’t be surprised anymore


Lukas had thought his cover was solid enough, especially considering he’d made it up on the spot. But looking at Rosetta, he could see that she definitely suspected something…or maybe even that she was worried.

The pause between anything was certainly awkward. She seemed to be frustrated, as she was obviously trying to think of something to say or do. He thought about telling her that everything was fine, but since that hadn’t worked the first time, he figured he’d just wait for her to say or do whatever it was that she was trying to decide upon.

The action that followed was…confusing, to say the least. He blinked several times even after she’d started walking again. Whatever it was, it seemed to be done with good intentions. Still, he wasn’t sure of what to make of it.

Eventually, he started to walk again, but for once in his life, he couldn’t think of a damned thing to say. Now he was the one who was frustrated and unsure of what to do.

"This is…" He said those two words quietly, especially since he had no idea where he was going with them. "A nice town…"

She never turned around but she knew that he still followed her, he always did. She wasn’t even really sure where she was going, just walking around. Eventually she decided that maybe it would be nice to go visit the lake, she hadn’t seen it yet and was told it was really pretty with the runeys surrounding the trees. It was awkward and almost uncomfortable to be around Lukas in silence, even though it was all she ever really wanted. Silence. She still felt bad for what she had said and needed to find a way to make it right.

When he started talking again, she had an idea. “Yeah, it’s nice. Lukas, you write poems, right? Well, I mean, I know you write but could you do sometime for me?” She turned and faced him, stopping again and narrowing her eyes. “Don’t get used to this, I feel bad for what I said, and this will probably never happen again because you always seem to find yourself in my way when I’m trying to do something but being as I’m not right now, could you…sing me a song?”

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The female condition



He probably does talk about the kids a lot, but he never comes into the shop my father owns in Kardia, he gets his things delivered and my father was in charge of the deliveries so I didn’t see him much, only really on festivals.

I understand there’s another shop here, but you know the old saying, you snooze you lose. I am mainly selling flower seeds and some basic equipment because to my knowledge nobody around here sells them, there actually isn’t much overlap in the inventory lists.

Ah, that makes sense…the family sure is all about imported goods, after all!

/Sighs, though he’s not entirely relieved/ O-Oh, that’s good then…

Hey, sometimes you need to go for things, not because you think you can do it better, but because of a responsibility to your customers.

See you around, pretty lady! /walks off humming “dude looks like a lady”/

The female condition


/Smiles, blushing quite obviously/ Hehe, you got it…so I guess you haven’t heard about our kids, either? From what I understand, Jasper talks about them almost as much as he talks about food! Then again, I’m not sure if that’s such a good thing…

/Frowns/ Well, if you say that, you definitely won’t be able to count on my patronage at- /Freezes, listening to what she has to say, his eyes widening in shock/ O-Oh…

He probably does talk about the kids a lot, but he never comes into the shop my father owns in Kardia, he gets his things delivered and my father was in charge of the deliveries so I didn’t see him much, only really on festivals.

I understand there’s another shop here, but you know the old saying, you snooze you lose. I am mainly selling flower seeds and some basic equipment because to my knowledge nobody around here sells them, there actually isn’t much overlap in the inventory lists.